“T-REX” Connectors…a new and better way to build post and beam frames!

Our sister site, Connecticut Post & Beam, is a company dedicated to preserving post and beam construction with innovative, affordable alternatives.  You will be amazed how quickly your barn will be assembled using our unique “T-REX” Connectors along with pre-slotted, pre-drilled beams. 


Our new concept using “T-REX” Connectors greatly simplifies post and beam construction by eliminating the need to cut mortise-and-tenon joint.  You will save both time and money using our method in the building of your barn.  After mounting our post and beam connectors on the posts with wood screws, the horizontal and diagonal members are slotted, holes are drilled from the back side, and then solid pins are driven through the plates to make a strong, concealed connection.


There are many areas where our connectors will be an advantage – use your imagination! 


Whether it’s a barn, a pergola, a sign post, or a deck rail, you can use our “T-REX” Connectors with your project. Whatever your project requires, we are ready and willing to work with you, and we ship anywhere in the continental United States.




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We only use our unique connectors in the construction of any size post and beam building. Our exclusively designed post and beam connectors are extruded from 6061 structural grade aluminum, which is used in everything from ship building to skyscrapers.  In addition, our “T-REX” connectors are engineer-approved and not available anywhere else.


•      No need for mortise and tenons with our connectors

•      No exposed fasteners

•      Quicker to install and easier to assemble

•      Slots can be cut on a table saw using a dado cutter

  • No need for hurricane clips
  • No need to cut a bird’s mouth
  • Stronger, more durable

•      All of our connectors are shipped with hardware



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